Panorama: New York City

Portal to Flatland by Magenta Field

Magenta Field is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based artists Katherine Brice and Chris Lunney. With their foundations in Architecture and Design Technology the two create large scale installations utilising light, sound, and space to transport the visitors. Their work welcomes the viewer to navigate ethereal and introspective moments within body and mind. Exploring the relationship between tension and release, Magenta Field invokes experiences that safely cradle the participant before guiding them into the unknown.

Portal to Flatland is designed to invite festival goers from the the mayhem of the music festival into a tunnel of transmutation priming their senses for what lies beyond. Participants will be drawn forward and pressed backward by using a combination of smooth and franetic surges of light and sound. The audiovisual score will be designed to softly invite visitors into the space and at its peak test their perceptual thresholds. Following the crescendo the visitors are propelled forward into their next metaphysical mindblower.

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