Panorama: New York City

Infinite Wild by Smooth Technology

Smooth Technology is a group of artist-engineers led by James DeVito, Dylan Fashbaugh and Dave Sheinkopf. Drawing on their combined experience in music, art, performance, robotics, and programming, their work lives by the idea that “if it’s not fun, it shouldn’t be done.” Each of their creations combine invisible technical wizardry, human-oriented design, and a healthy dose of creative wackiness – whether it’s a custom LED bra for Katy Perry or an autonomous pizza-fetching robot.

Notable projects include wireless LED costumes for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj, public art for Matthew Barney, Trevor Paglen, and Times Square Alliance, lighting modules for the Sun Ra Arkestra, collaborations with Google, and more.

Infinite Wild is a solar-powered installation in which viewers find themselves surrounded by nature-inspired art. Flowing colors transport them on a journey through seasons, environments, and living animations. Sixty thousand LEDs dangle like vines around them as a mirrored ceiling and floor platform extends the image into infinity. Participants are invited in by a cooling mist that provides a much-needed respite from the mid-day sun. While strolling through this living jungle of LED vines, they can also be presented an opportunity to fill reusable water bottles, encouraging sustainability.

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