Panorama: New York City

HyperSubtle by Superbright

Superbright is an award winning creative technology studio specializing in AR, VR and Physical Computing experiences that are as thought-provoking as they are practical. Comprised of artists and developers, Superbright works on product development, creates commissioned work, and maintains ongoing residencies to form a holistic perspective on these nascent tools and their future applications.

Hy·per·sub·tle is an audio-reactive mixed reality installation where digital dancers guide you to a new reality in the universe. The installation translates your movements to generate a dynamic landscape unique to each personality. Hy·per·sub·tle is best experienced by ~ dancing a lot ~ with friends.
You can also download the hy·per·sub·tle mobile augmented reality app for iOS and Android, which is part of a curatorial project that merges artificial intelligence with motion capture of dance moves. The project was choreographed by professional dancers emphasizing magical moments in pop culture. We encourage you to experience and record these dances around the Panorama festival.



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