Panorama: New York City

Dance With Us by Superbright

Superbright is a creative technology studio specializing in emerging technology experiences that are as thought-provoking as they are practical. Comprised of artists and engineers, Superbright works on product development, creates commissioned works and maintains ongoing residencies to form a holistic perspective on these nascent tools and their future applications.
Superbright’s brand work leverages the sophistication of the artistic dialog, telling industry stories not only through a new experiential dimension but also through a critical social lens.

Look around with your phone’s camera. You are surrounded by beautiful, strange and abstract human creatures dancing to the music from the festival. Augmented reality pushes the limits of our imagination. The immersive media is now in your hands, you can experience it in your own environment and use it as a creative tool to express yourself. Superbright will work with a curated group of dancers to record motion capture data, creating a curatorial repository of dance moves.The selected choreographies are not just dance moves, they will be cultural memes.

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