Panorama: New York City

As Above, So Below by Kate Raudenbush

Kate Raudenbush is a New York-based, Burning Man-bred artist, who resonates deeply with environmental issues, and the perils and potential of our evolving humanity.
She is a creator of monolithic, immersive and allegorical sculpture works that aim to catalyze social engagement, and shift consciousness while exploring themes that range from technological sustainability, to creation myth, and from self-empowerment to environmental awareness.

As a self-taught sculpture artist, and the longest running solo female artist to emerge from Burning Man, her works transcend their strong structural underpinnings to create gathering spaces
which often manifest a feeling of sacred space and other-worldliness. Creating the first Burning Man sculpture to be collected for the permanent collection in a US museum in 2007, Kate’s work and words have been published, and exhibited in art museums from The Smithsonian in Washington DC, to Seoul, South Korea, in international art fairs from Miami to the Hamptons, and in festivals from: Amsterdam to Las Vegas, Santiago Chile, San Francisco, Montreal Canada, New York City, and in the creative vanguard of many epic, fiery gatherings at Burning Man.

A transformative gathering space inspired by the fractal geometry of Sierpinski icosahedrons. It welcomes all to contemplate the humbling potential of our existence that occupies the here and now , within the infinitely large and infinitely small worlds that lie beyond our awareness. It asks us to consider how each of our actions or non-actions might affect the larger world in positive ways.

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