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How to Purchase

Here’s a step by step walk through of the purchase process. In this example, Vince will be buying two 3-day VIP festival passes and a Ferry pass, plus choosing the payment plan option. He’s gonna partay!


Begin order process

Starting at 10:00am EST on Friday the 13th, go to and click on BUY PASSES.

If you do that too early, you’ll see something like this:


But starting at 10am, you should see something like this:



Let's get some passes!

As soon as you pop out of the waiting room you will land on this page: select the “3-Day Festival Passes” button to get started. Please see the awesome orange arrow.



How many are you buying?

On the next screen, select the type of pass you want.


Next, click on the drop down arrow and select quantity then click on “add to cart”



Grab some Ferry passes!

Next you gonna wanna click on “Ferry Passes” then select which one.


Then click the drop down arrow to select quantity then “add to cart”



Create account

On the next screen, you can “create” an account (if this is your first time buying) or login to your existing account.

Also notice, you can always view the items in your cart on the right side of the screen.


Pro-Tip:  Only use the “Login With Facebook” option if the email associated with your Facebook account is your primary email and you still check it. Otherwise, you will not receive order updates or confirmations. CLICK HERE to learn how to update your Facebook email.

Create account looks like this.  Fill that out and hit “submit”



Shipping info

On the next screen, you get to decide if you want your order shipped to your billing address, which defaults to yes at this point) or click “no” and input a different shipping address.




Payment info / Payment Plan? / READ the terms

The next screen allows you to enter your credit card info, read and agree to the order terms and privacy policy, and most importantly this is where you click on EZ PAY if you want to take advantage of the payment plan.


This is the ONLY way to take advantage of the Payment Plan and divide your order into equal payment from now through May*.  (last day to order on a payment plan is 4/30/17 (which would be 2 equal payments April & May)

Once you click on those 2 boxes, you must then also read and agree to the Payment Plan terms before you can “Process Order”.  Notice you’ll also be able to see what your initial payment will be.




Once you click “process order” your receipt will pop up.   This will contain your order number and list of items you purchased.  A confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address associated with your order.


See you in July!

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